ELLKA is a bespoke label! We create small quantity pieces for our signature collections.

Some leather types and colours we introduce can be limited depending on how much leather stock there is available from our wholesaler. We may re-stock in similar colour but in a different leather or in the original once there is more stock available. We will always have photos of all pieces with true match colours and textures. This is all part of the fun with our pieces being bespoke, so just know that your ELLKA luxury piece is almost one of a kind.

ELLKA pieces are crafted with the highest quality premium Italian leather with precision and attention to detail. Our craftsmanship shows on each luxury piece designed to inspire you. Every hide used has its own original characteristics including natural markings and can vary slightly in colour,  this adds to its uniqueness. 


Caring for your ELLKA luxury companion:

Keep away from direct sunlight, moisture and liquids.

    Do not overfill or put too much weight in your bag.

      We recommend you use a good quality leather protector to keep in good condition.

        Be aware when wearing light colours, as they may pick up the leather colour.

        Place in dust bag when not in use.