ELLKA is the brand new label of designer Helen Karamitros. 

A highly skilled artisan, Helen started designing and creating  handbags 15 years ago. She has a fashion design background and started out as a clothing designer and then used her design and pattern making skills to create innovative handbags. She has been perfecting her craft ever since!

“I get so excited when I see a completed design which was once a fleeting idea captured in a sketch.”

Just like you, ELLKA handbags are original, unique and aesthetically pleasing!

Beautifully designed while being functional for everyday living. These handbags have unique silhouettes for the confident woman who appreciates fine design and has a passion for beautiful handbags.

“Handbags are and will always be my weakness, which I’m sure a lot of you will agree. A beautifully designed handbag can literally take my breath away. I love making these bags and I hope you’ll love owning them."